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Nature, the environment and
the climate - these are all
values that need protecting.
In every way possible

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    Heading towards greater sustainability – creating a better world

  • Denmark is among the happiest countries in the world. Every year, this Nordic nation is ranked either top or close to the top of the World Happiness Report. One reason why the Danes are so happy could be their love of nature, which can be seen by their determination to systematically protect their air, land and water. A mindset that we wish to support in every way possible, especially when it comes to recycling.

  • The world's population needs more resources than our planet is able to provide. REMONDIS offers a sustainable alternative by recovering and recycling materials for reuse

  • No matter whether it involves plastic, glass, paper and organic waste or ferrous and non-ferrous metals: our work focuses on recovering recyclables so they can be reused - with all the added advantages these operations have such as curbing climate change and conserving natural resources. What's more, our being part of the REMONDIS Group further strengthens our activities around the country. It enables us to access the additional expertise and extensive know-how of one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies.

REMONDIS A/S – Services for local authorities, local residents and commercial businesses

    • In and around Copenhagen, on the islands of Zealand, Lolland and Falster, across the Jutland peninsula: REMONDIS A/S has a strong network with 15 businesses located around Denmark

    • REMONDIS A/S is one of the market leaders in Denmark. By collaborating with local authorities, we deliver our services to over 1.3 million Danes. These services include the separate collection of recyclables so the materials can be processed and reused – a system that is good for the climate and good for our planet's natural resources. Every year, we treat large volumes of materials so they can either be used as a source of energy or returned to production cycles as raw materials.

    Year on year, we collect around 100,000 tonnes of different kinds of recyclables from commercial businesses alone. One of the standout features of REMONDIS' operations is the high standard of its services, which are constantly being further developed and improved. Just one example here is the kerbside collection of plastics: there is certainly still room for improvement when it comes to recycling this material for reuse.

TSR Danmark ApS – Keeping ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the loop

    • No matter whether it's on the Danish or international market: providing businesses with recycled metals is good for the environment and helps guarantee they can get hold of the supplies they need

    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be used again and again with absolutely no loss in quality. Which is why we run our own metal recycling operations in Denmark to ensure that these resources are recovered for reuse. TSR Danmark's business in the town of Skive links the country to the international scrap metal market. Acting as an intermediary between scrap metal producers and suppliers on the one hand and metal processors on the other, we make sure that the metals are sent to wherever they are needed.

    Closing this loop generates a number of advantages, especially when it comes to combatting climate change and conserving natural resources. Reusing metals to make new products means fewer primary raw materials have to be mined, far less energy is consumed and far fewer carbon emissions are produced. We are, therefore, doing everything in our power to systematically increase the volumes we handle in Denmark as well as in the other Scandinavian countries.

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